Press Release 9 August 2017: Security Training

ec- undp - jtf - press release
9 August 2017
In advance of the 10 October 2017 general elections in Liberia civilian security personnel are participating in a series of training sessions in electoral security with support of the multi-donor basket fund in cooperation with the Liberia National Police and the National Elections Commission.
The United Nations Development Programme, European Union, Ireland, Sweden and Canada support this fund as partners of the National Elections Commission.
Security is a key component in credible elections and police officers are taking part in a number of modules that will increase their understanding of best practice electoral policing, assist police manage the demands of election day policing and enhance understanding of electoral procedures in ranks.
A handbook produced by the basket fund will also be distributed for police to have an easy access guide during their deployment to provide election security.Police training is also being conducted in centres across the country and in total will last for five weeks.
With over 5,000 security personnel scheduled to be deployed on election day this training is a key part of partners’ commitment to support credible and transparent elections in Liberia.
The UNDP election basket fund supports the National Elections Commission and other agencies strengthen the electoral system in Liberia with a fund of USD16 million.


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