Support to the 2015-2018 Liberian electoral cycle​

Support to the 2015-2018 Liberian Elections Cycle builds capacity of the National Elections Commission for improved delivery of credible and transparent elections.


COVID-19 updates

The global pandemic of COVID-19 and related health restrictions in Liberia significantly impacted the work of the National Election Commission (NEC) and hence the Electoral Project. While some activities had to cease, the Project has continued supporting the NEC in identification of activities that can be conducted during COVID-19, seeking alternative modalities of implementation, and business continuity planning.

Example of good practice during COVID-19:

In summer 2019, Liberia has embarked on the reform of the Election Law, which was based on public consultations, culminating in the list of propositions agreed to by the Board of Commissioners of the National Elections Commission (NEC) in March 2020.
Before submission to the legislature, the proposal was to be discussed at a validation conference, in the presence of national and international election experts.

The COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings, however, prevented the conference from taking place.

Following consultations with stakeholders, NEC, with support from the UNDP Election Project and its partners (EU, Sweden, Ireland, and Canada) implemented an alternative modality for consultations: they hand delivered the text of the revisions to all interested stakeholders, and comments were collected over the phone or online by the Elections Commission. UNDP further supported NEC in consolidating inputs of the international community.

This allowed NEC to finalize the submission to the legislature with stakeholder input. Use of such alternatives in dealing with stakeholder consultations can be considered in other, similar activities as part of developing a business continuity plan.

Million people are included on the voter register of which 49% are women and 51% men in 2017
Tactile ballots will be introduced at polling station level
0 -10-17
National voter turnout of the 2018 parliamentary elections


Renewed EC-UNDP Partnership on electoral assistance
Helen Clark on EU-UNDP Partnership in electoral assistance


ec-undp-jft paceg liberia gallery voter registration
Voter registration
ec-undp-jft paceg liberia gallery voter registration
Voter registration

Where we work

Our objectives

General elections in 2017 conducted in line with regional and international standards.

A new and accurate voter register that includes the details of 2.1 million voters 50 percent of which are women.

Increased participation of women in public life and in the administration of elections.

Strengthened capacity of the National Elections Commission to deliver future elections independently.

Sustainable Development Goal: 16 (peace, justice and strong institution).