UNDP Elections Support Project provides BRIDGE Training for NEC Staff

A nine-day ‘Building Resources In Democracy, Governance and Elections (BRIDGE)’ training for staff of the National Elections Commission (NEC), highlights capacities in election administration and operation through sharing knowledge on emerging best practices from Election Management Bodies globally.

According to the NEC Deputy Executive Director of Operations Emma Togba “BRIDGE training is about standards and principles which the NEC should abide by in order to conduct free, fair and credible elections”.

The Exercise targets three different categories of NEC staff and Sessions for three days each running from 11-19th December 2019.

The first session covers a module on the ‘Introduction to Elections Administration’, which targets on-boarding staff.

The second session covers voters’ registration and primarily designed for managerial staff including Deputy Executive Directors as well as heads of departments (Directors, while the third session focuses on ‘Election Logistics’ and strictly for NEC Logistics Officers.

The training is facilitated by an International BRIDGE Accrediting facilitator Ossama Kamel from France.

Four national Facilitators including UNDP National Programme Officer Roosevelt Zayzay, NEC’s Training Director, James Wallace, NEC’s Training Officer, Mien- Apeh Domah and NEC’s Assistant Rivercess County Magistrate Isaac Williams.

This BRIDGE training is sponsored by the UNDP Elections Support Project in partnership with the European Union, Governments of Canada, Ireland and Sweden.


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