The National Elections Commission and United Nations Development Programme Complete a Review of 2017 General Elections

The National Elections Commission, United Nations Development Programme and the International Foundation for Elections Systems have completed a lessons-learnt exercise with a comprehensive review of the recently concluded 2017 general elections.
During a five-day period over 100 staff including senior management of the National Elections Commission participated in sessions covering a wide range of areas. This included amongst other areas, reviews of election planning, operations and logistics, human resource management, communications and outreach campaigns.
Important feedback was received from headquarter and field level staff especially on what worked well and what did not work well in the run-up and delivery of the 2017 general elections. The outcome of the exercise and the recommendations made will inform future planning with a specific focus on areas of improvements in the work of the National Elections Commission.
The lessons learnt event was part of the support of the partnership between the National Elections Commission, United Nations Development Programme, European Union, Sweden, Ireland and Canada through the election support project with a fund of USD16.6 million.
The project to support the electoral process in Liberia aims to strengthen the capacity of the National Election Commission (NEC) to successfully carry out electoral processes within the electoral cycle 2015-2018. Key in this regard is the preparation and conduct of the Presidential and General elections scheduled for 10th October 2017. Among other specific objectives, it introduces modern administrative systems and procedures, enhance its communications and public outreach, support voter registration ahead of the elections. In addition, the project seeks to enhance the participation of women in the elections and in political activities, support civic and voter education and strengthen NEC’s capacity to engage with the stakeholders and resolve electoral disputes.


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