NEC Magistrate training 22 August 2017

With less than two months before the 10 October 2017 general elections in Liberia the National Elections Commission and UNDP continue strengthening core staff skills in preparation for election activities.
[one_half]Magistrates that are responsible for managing key field level activities of the National Elections Commission this week are participating in project-supported training sessions to strengthen election hearings and complaints. At the same time these staff were briefed on the new field-headquarter communication systems and logistics and operational plans for the forthcoming elections.
The right to a hearing and appeal against decisions are crucial elements of an electoral process. The project supports magistrates increase local capabilities in handling complaints in order to resolve disputes efficiently. Any member of the public has a right to lodge a complaint within electoral timelines. It is crucial complaints are managed transparently and expeditiously.[/one_half]
NEC Magistrate training 22 August 2017[/one_half_last]
Magistrates were also briefed on the National Elections Commission’s new communication system that aims to relay information to headquarters more efficiently than in previous elections as well as operational plans. By increasing coordination with election offices nationwide the project’s training ensures better management of field operations, and improves the retrieval of data and information from the field.
The project supported by the United Nations Development Programme, European Union, Sweden, Canada and Ireland is working in partnership with the National Elections Commission to strengthen the electoral system with a fund of USD16 million.
NEC Magistrate training 22 August 2017


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